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Cloud Solution

working as a team – anytime, anywhere

  • Collaborative editing of documents, sending them securely between and within organisations
  • Virtual conference rooms with ensured client security and integrated (teams-)chat
  • Organising your team with calendar, e-mail & tools like a KANBAN-Board
  • Whitelabel surface

Conference Solution

professionally connect to your clients

  • Possibility to record conferences including presentation & whiteboard function
  • Integrated Voice over IP
  • Create separate conference & waiting rooms

ERP Systems

essential for successful corporate governance

  • Easy, simple and intuitive to use with following features
  • Customers (Quotes, Orders, Invoicing, Communication, Pipeline), Sales, Manufacturing,
    Purchase, Online-Shop, Employees, Recruitment and many more

N8N Automation

workflow automations to grow your business

  • Connecting the software you need (e.g. ERP, Cloud)
  • Bringing flow to your workflows and smoothen your business processes
  • Eliminate human error & free-up time for your employees to concentrate on your core-business

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