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About Us

Our goal is to provide the solutions you need to stop acting like a robot and focus on what’s important, being human!

Digital Boss is your expert partner for reliable and professional workflow automation. In the past eight years our team has grown from 1 to 20. We have worked tirelessly with  thousands of clients to improve their workflows. Our global team works together to take on any project, no matter the size. You will always get the absolute best service.


How We Work


Show us how you work now, tell us how you want to work or allow us to offer suggestions based on our years of experience.


We develop an expert solution that serves your needs today but also has the ability to grow with you.


Our automation goes to work for you. You can relax knowing that our team has deployed an automation that you'll never want to stop.


Never worry about your automation breaking, we'll keep an eye on it. Never worry about changes, we're always there for you.

Don't Waste Your Time

Access to automation has become easier with every passing year. Many of your favourite services offer out of the box solutions.

We’re different.

Our automations are designed by full time automation engineers. They spend every working moment solving puzzles and then improving the solutions. Client projects always start small, but once they see the results, they always want more.

Client Testimonials

"Digital Boss helped me overcome a roadblock in my business. We doubled in size but I found my team playing catchup. Their help allowed us to continue growing without worrying about losing the service quality we pride ourselves of."

Todd D.

"I needed help but didn't know where to start. We were ready to hire but a friend suggested I try Digital Boss. Their team allowed us to invest in people to grow rather than maintain our business. I don't think we would have had the success we've had if it wasn't for Digital Boss."

Olen M.

"I was doing everything with Zapier and got pretty good at it. Everything was going great until I realized how much I would be spending on automation. Digital Boss took a look at what I was doing and even gave me options. They worked hard understand my needs and I haven't stopped telling people my story with them."

Thea J.

Its time For workflow Automation.